uBanker – how it works?

uBanker is unlike its competitors. It has a unique competitive advantage for it empowers its traders, irrespective of the level of professionalism and experience, to trade and profit like the banks, right-front the comfort of their home! The broker’s motto “Take control of your finances. Invest like bankers do” perfectly reflect its lofty aim of seeing each of its users win in the Forex market.

Here is a detailed overview of the services that uBanker offers and its regulatory status.

Regulation and Reputation

uBanker has always shown a commitment to the desire to make a success out of every trader that uses its services. The broker ensures standard practices and regulatory requirements are followed in the discharge of its business. Consequently, it is no surprise that all executed transactions on its platforms are secure and adequately protected.

uBanker is authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) with the registration number 14627. Hence, uBanker is the broker you need if you truly seek to protect yourself from fraud.

ubanker login trader

Trading Platforms Supported

uBanker uses the PROfit trading platform. This platform is available in both web and mobile forms. The web-based PROfit platform allows one-click order execution and instant access to trading accounts. It does not require any download or installation whatsoever to use. The interface is simple, ensuring highly optimal user experiences.  Directly, it is updated with important daily analyses and market news.

The mobile PROfit platform is highly advantageous: it combines mobility with convenience while also retaining tools available on the web version. It enables traders to view their transaction history and monitor real-time market movements on which they can make decisions anytime, anywhere, on the go.

Offered Trading Accounts

Opening an account with uBanker is easy. You can log on to the website to do so. After opening an account, you will be able to trade a wide range of financial products which include currencies, commodities, and CFDs on indices and shares. The broker has a Position Insurance Policy, which, based on specific terms and conditions, enables its users to receive a percentage of their Net Loss back on any position closed at a loss.

Customer Support Service

uBanker’s customer support service is excellent. The team works assiduously towards ensuring optimal user experiences. There is an Assistance Request Form in which any client having issues at any point in their trading can fill to report their challenges.

The broker has preferred means of communication which include phone, email, and chat. The email is, while +27319412939 is the phone line. Complaints channeled through either are usually promptly replied to during the weekday operating hours. You can also communicate with the broker’s customer support on WhatsApp.


uBanker takes the education of its clients with all seriousness. The broker offers many self-paced study courses bordering on Forex fundamentals, trends, tools and techniques, and charts. Under Forex fundamentals, a basic complete knowledge covering terms, currency pair quotes, and trading strategies, is provided.

The sub-section on trends is dedicated to giving a basic understanding of trends and their different types such as uptrend, downtrend, and sideways. There are also discussions of fundamental and technical analyses, including the types of charts.

Most notable here is the provision of a personal trainer by the broker to take clients through every step — from opening and logging into their accounts to opening positions and analyzing charts. Finally, the uData functionality helps traders to predict market movement through trading trends, market news, and live rates.

Deposit and Withdrawal

uBanker makes depositing and withdrawing easy to do. The broker supports:

  • Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Wire Transfer
  • eWallet

The payment methods supported are 3D secure. Although sometimes, it can take up to two weeks before withdrawn funds reflect in your account, the broker does not charge any withdrawal fee. Instead, it even offers bonuses sometimes.



What is uBanker?

uBanker promotes standard practices in the discharge of its business activities. Its procedures are updated from time to time and overseen by strong internal regulatory controls.

Is uBanker safe and secure to use?

Trading on uBanker is safe. The supported payment and withdrawal methods are secure, users’ privacy protection is highly emphasized, and towards adding more layers of protection for clients’ data and digital transactions, uBanker’s trading systems are secured with SSL 128-bit encryption.

The broker is authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

How long do withdrawals take?

You can initiate withdrawals on your uBanker account via the PROfit trading platform. Withdrawals are free and secure and payments are posted to clients’ bank accounts in under two weeks.

What is the minimum amount for account opening with uBanker?

Easily, you can open an account with uBanker. The required minimum deposit of $200 is easily affordable, thereby lowering the barriers to trading entry.

How easily does uBanker make trading?

With uBanker, trading is easy. All you have to do is to open an account, and you get a personal account manager to take you through every process. Via this arrangement, you will be getting invaluable assistance and tips that will ultimately make you a profitable trader.

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